Rodent Pest Control

Do you have mice, and many many mice?  Is your home becoming you, and lots of little black poop everywhere?   If you are finding this description accurate, do not fear!  You are one of the many people in the world, who are living side by side with mice.

They are creative little house guests, and will move in and stay put if the situation is to their liking.  If they feel that things benefit them, the building is warm, there is food and water, and the environment provides them with many great features, they are going to stay.

Not only that, but you can be sure, they will be adding to their family at a pretty fast rate.   They love to have you bring food to them, and will steal from your pet’s food dish at night, or when you are away.  If you have water in abundant access, near their nesting areas, they can double if not triple the size of the colony in a matter of months!

That does not even touch the fact that they will pee and poop everywhere!  If you have black poop in your cupboards, on your kitchen counters,  you have that in your walls and basement too.  They are only happy to stay, that is if you let them.

Do not let them!  One thing for sure, it is a problem to attack not only by trapping them, but by preventing them from coming in all together.  Even if you do not have mice, you should be proactive, and think about prevention methods in your home.  Especially in the fall and winter months.

If you have cracks that go to the outside, you will be sure to see mice.  And, if food is available, you will be sure to see mice.  They are not too keen on bright lights, low humidity, low water levels, cooler homes, loud noises, or various noxious smells like peppermint.  They will depart and leave, if you present them with a procession of things that makes it not such a great place to live.

One great stopper for mice, is if all food is contained, and contained so they cannot access it.  Like a snap-top lid container; they can’t chew through the plastic in a nighttime, and will decide to leave it alone.   They will find other accommodations pretty quickly if you decide to apply this one technique.

It can be pretty expensive to add a container for all your food, but if you buy a few a week, and keep adding to the collection, you will be able to manage this really well.  Another idea is to store everything in the fridge, or microwave.  Even some people use their cold oven as a great mouse deterant.

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