Awake to your new life with a Transition

Perfect transitions and change are not always possible, but finding a new life ahead can begin with any kind of transition; whether good or bad.  Sometimes, the change is made for you, and you have a loss of control of your immediate future.  This feeling of loss is not real, as it is only a feeling.  One thing that can evolve you into your awakened life, is to understand that your feelings, however real they to seem, are only a momentary expanse of your mind.

Feelings are Not Reality in Transition a new life, the awakening you hope to experience and live within, will come from any transition, whether caused by you by intent, or by another.  This change, however it begins, is not easy, and nothing good can come from an ease into a new reality.  The transition must be felt, but here is the key; do not dwell on your emotions and feelings within this transition, only observe that they are occurring.  The real time and space around you is not in your happiness or sorrow, it is just in the now or the present moment.  I know there are a lot of messages that are jumbled here, but if you stay with me, I think I can awaken a breath in your brain.

  • You love your husband, and he dies.  The death and grief you experience and feel are transitional and emotional.  Even as this strong transition creates a separation from your old reality, your emotional brain is turning your mind into a new being.   This is normal, and you must allow yourself time to work through your feelings of grief.  Even when you do, be advised, that the emotional state you are in is not real.  The grief is experienced, but not reality of your new life.  It will require a path of solitude, community, and strength to pull through to your new reality.  Your new life is waiting to be awakened, and you may have seen it for a very brief moment when you received the first news of your husband’s death.  It is a pin prick of time, showing your inner self the future.  Allow the awakening to occur slowly, and be thoughtful on how your reality is coming, it is just this “in-between time” that is occurring now.
  • You get a promotion and your new job is very demanding.  As you migrate to your new role, there is a learning curve for you, while you struggle to let go of your past role, and your new responsibilities.  The best part of this transition, is it is well within your power to change back to your old reality, if you find the new challenges less than positive.  If you do however, you may be listening not to your inner being, but to your mind, which is never the right transition force.  Begin your new role with gusto, and be assured in your confidence that you can do the job.  When you do, you are living in the new reality, with all the new emotions that it presents.  To make this transition powerful and positive, be sure to observe the new emotions, but do not let them attempt or control your mind.  Envy, worry, uncertainty, and loss will only bump you past into your new emotional mind, and ensure you skip the best parts of your new transition.
  • A natural disaster occurs and you lose your home and your business.  Your family is lost in the disaster, and you cannot begin to imagine your new world.  All your feelings are in shock.  At this brief, but longest moment of present, you do not feel anything but the chill of the wind on your back, and observe the power of the loss.  You feel alone, the first grief emotion to set its feet in your heart.  At that brief moment, the transition is not apparent, but the loss of all your worldly possessions and loved ones is becoming real.  This transition will make you into a positive force of immense strength, or dispel you into loss emotional hold for the rest of your living days.  You are given a supreme gift in this instance, as it is a long present moment of transcendence that if you care to observe and see in in your wakened state, or it is moment of time that you wish to never embrace, and constantly run from.  Grasp this terrific tragedy in the correct manner, and you will be a sainted creature of bliss for all to see and feel.

All of these instances occur with a start that you do not have power to control or implement.  True, in the career promotion, you may go back and embrace your old reality, at any time, but remember, the point of a transition is that you are not living in the then, but the now.   The past is gone, and does not exist.  So, if you do go back to your previous career, after the position is offered and accepted,  you are choosing not your past reality, but in effect your chosen new reality where you are trying to mimic the pre-existing condition.  This is never the correct path, as you can never recreate a past life, it simply does not exist any longer.

The Honeymoon Now in Transition

Keep in thought, our examples of change above, and lets examine and try to observe. Anytime you unwillingly (many changes are unwanted/unplanned) in transition, you should try to remember that brief moment you heard the news of the death/promotion/natural disaster. Was there a moment you stopped thinking and just was in the now for a really long time?  This is almost a dark hole of time.  It is the reason, in an accident, survivors state, “the accident seemed like it was in slow motion”.  Albert Einstein proved that time is relative, and this very illogical way of describing time, is actually proven time and time again within any transition.

Do you have a moment before you hear bad news, that you glimpse that communication will be arriving to confirm your suspicion?  We call this crazy moment of present time, a physic flash.  (This is not really crazy, just hard for our minds eye to process, so our ever judgmental mind thinks, “crazy”.)  It is just a open moment in the present, that shows the future transition to our inner being for communication with that entity.  Your mind and inner being work separately from each other, so this seems crazy to one part of your consciousness, and is disregarded immediately.  If you meditate, you will see it clearer, and can recreate this future transitional time for your inner being briefly.  It is the mark of your spirit to move in your correct directional path.

This brings up the transition in process, your brief beginning time with the new life, the new change can be very happy for your inner being; a honeymoon of sorts.  It is a gift to your inner self, that recalls you to the collective group of the universe.  Remember once where you have come, sort of thing.  Nothing to fear, nothing to consider, just to be.

Any good Transition Creates Just BE

Glad to observe, dogs are given a happiness of the moment.  This is the observances of life, with no mindset to distract them from the happiness of the now.  They are unable to break from the observances of what they see, place judgement, blame, or problem solve to complex a situation.  They will be here for us, to keep us centered, and remind us to BE in the moment.  When we are, and we do it with our best friends, we have a healthy and happy companion.  The only issue with this state, is that it does not solve our human strain issues.  We need our mind’s eye to help us form complex solutions to the variable problems. It won’t solve hunger by just being.  However, the transition to solving hunger won’t have an impact for long without the glimpse into the center of the transition and existing briefly in the now.  Take time to smell the roses, so that we can calm our restless minds, and empower our inner beings forward into whatever transition you are facing.


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