What’s The Story?

If you are building a business or a very innovative product, be sure to ask your customers, employees, friends and colleagues, “What’s the Story?”.  Any question with an open amount of time to listen to the response is better than a short uncaring statement that leaves your reader, listener, or attendance of followers with no way to respond.  Your customer who comes in to buy your product or service at your store, would most likely love to respond to “What’s the Story?” and give you a great amount of information to assist you with your efforts to help and assist them. Think of it this way, if you are offering a great service to the community, simply saying “hello” to your public is just a statement; but offering a chance to let your customer speak forward is more exceptional and powerful in the long run.

What’s the Story Will Allow for News

What if your customer had a new innovative way to wrap gifts, and they just discovered that fact; and, you needed this exact kind of service to your offering of caring support for your purchasing customers?  You have solved a problem, and done it in a way that your current customer base already is passionate and finds truly effective.  This was a solution that really just walked in the door, and with the power of “What’s the Story?”  you have allowed your customer to share a feeling and an opinion of value to them.  With a simple step of offering your time and letting the story become your attentive action, you have allowed your customer the best way to inform you of their needs and wants.

What’s the Story Behind the Fortune Cookie

Who cares about a dessert, that is really not that tasty, and often is stale, and is manufactured in bulk for pennies?  Everyone!  The secret is not in the cookie, only our dogs really like them, but in the fortune.  And, when a group of friends get together and share their fortunes with everyone together, that offers a real value to the restaurant that shares this simple gift to each customer.  They have a story to share!  What’s the story behind a simple crafted stale cookie?  A genius who understood that people’s value comes not just from tangible items, but from feelings and from understanding that everyone has their own truth that is specific to them and them alone.

What’s the Story will Leave you Stunned

If your business is faltering, you may have a moment to either fold up your efforts, or make that last ditch effort to push through and find time to answer, “What’s your Story?” yourself.  When you do, you might have to explain to yourself and your employees why you have been so busy making mistakes.  Be ruthless on yourself, but don’t let that realization be too hard that you can’t act and improve.  Judgement has no place in business, and should never be your first mental mindset.  Push through, and keep going until you can envision a better world for your business, and your customers.

With all the feedback on a personal level, you should be able to support your market and your customer needs better than anyone else.  What’s the Story?


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