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One of the hardest things to do online is to build a website.  So many new and better software packages have come up, but to be true, they need your persistence and tenacity to work.  There are many types of websites, and all have issues that need specific follow through to make them work best.

WordPress site with Plugins

This site is an example of a great wordpress template, and it has great SEO capability.  If you are looking for a blogging site, and one that you can easily add to each day, do not go any further than a wordpress site.  It will be a great option for you!

The only downfall for wordpress, it is cookie cutter for many reasons, and has minimal design elements that you can add.  There are more and more sites now that have good wordpress templates, and have some form of a design element, so the options are available.  The site operates under the wordpress template, and the database, so you will need to have someone configure your database for you to start.

Static websites

If you have a good design, you can use an ftp setting to upload a designed site to any domain host.  The good domain host sites are very good at helping you with your file transfer, as this is usually the most difficult process sometimes with these types of sites.

A good static file site example is: Meet Your Mouse This site has some google authentication, and it is a growing body of knowledge and information for the home owner looking to remove pests from their home.  The site does get updated with new and pertinent information when it comes to mice and mouse information, but it remains very simply a static site, built for the long term information search.

There are so many good design templates like Secrets to Lose Weight or Stop Cigs Forever and these are static sites with design built in.

Integration is Important

Once you decide who your reader is, and what the intention of your site is, you can build your site based on those needs.  I think there are great value with both sites, but if you are looking to quickly be recognized, a wordpress site is the way to go.  You can easily reach more people that way.

But, sometimes your business needs a site that caters to your customer’s informational needs, and not just a word blog.  You are needing your hours of operation, some information that often needs to be accessed, and you do not want to buy printed materials.

In this case, a static file is best, and easy to install.  If you decide on a layout and a design, you can create a great site with many of the computer graphic packages available, and it is a fun project if you are interested in learning about html, ftp and graphic file transfer.

If you are not interested, and do not have the time to do so, hire someone to build the site for you, buy your domain hosting, and let them integrate the files to your domain.

Integration is easier for those who have done it

Believe me, the early times I have worked with installing sites, I spent more time just learning than I wanted to.  But, as I evolved the site process, and learned some tricks from support, it has been more fluid for me.

If you are interested in site development, and would like to learn more, please comment below.  I would be honored to help you design a site based on your needs.


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