Spirituality in Life Comes From Your Brain and Understanding Love

Your Brain is Aware by Spirituality

Your brain is a human dimension in and of itself, nothing else is so sci-fy!  The brain is a collection of neurons, and includes your nervous system throughout your body, and the spinal cord as well.  The most amazing part to your brain, is that it can think about itself, and is aware of its own creation. Thinking about the human brain, is parsed out amongst the frontal lobe, the parietal lobe, and the amygdala.  The neuroscience of your brain, however scientific we get, does not fully encompass the beauty of the human spirit, and part of your spirituality does come from your brain.

Your Brain is Separation of Facts and Emotion


Your brain is made of the left and the right hemisphere, which is described in beautiful detail by Jill Bolte Taylor.  Her experience with a brain injury, is the key to understanding why your physical brain, actually needs your understanding as a person of spirit and connection to the world.  As a creature of biology, our brain is simply amazing.  It is small enough to allow our species to be born into life, but is large enough to stay economical throughout our life.  With increased awareness, we have become the dominant species on our planet.

As we become more populated, and our energy resources become less available, it is important that we understand how our brains function, to improve our situation on this planet.  With increased awareness, your brain can help you see how connected you are with the rest of the world. But what does this mean to us as spiritual beings?  The reason it is important to understand your physical and biological self, is it can help you with your spiritual path as well.

Your Brain as Left Brain

Understanding that your left brain, is your brain of logic, and science, it will make sense to start here.  Understand this is where you speak, where you hear sounds in a verbal way, and your left brain is your communication hub.  It is where you take a math problem, and analyze it to completion.  It is where your tax adviser works best.   Our finance and regulatory experts are left brain heavy, and your brain may be the left brain focused being.

This is all and good when you are looking at data, and analyzing market competition, or designing a report for future growth within your company or business.  The problem comes up, when you are faced with expansion of that business, and you have to fit right brain people into this equation.  It makes life a more difficult process, but well worth the effort.

Your left brain will problem solve how to keep your body warm in winter, keep your children fed, and keep you working at work.  It will get you places on time, decide what kind of clothing to wear to match the weather, and analyze what is healthy to eat.  If you need to lose weight, rely on your left brain to pull into your body, good choices.  As well, exercise and new language will come from your left brain, and your brain cannot learn without a left brain analysis to explain why it is important.

Survival of our environment needs your brain to work best in the left hemisphere, or you could not make good choices to keep living.  It is the memory of poisons, toxins and what is going to hurt if you move in a certain way.  It allows us all to communicate these needs to each other, and to continue to improve our species as humans.

Your Brain as a Right Brain Powerhouse

Keeping your focus on your creativity and your artistic side, will help you draw, create music, and become aware of colors and patterns in your world around you.  You will feel connected to the different dimensions of time, space and the continuum of spirit that surrounds us all.  Loosely coined as spirituality, the connection we experience with the entire space of humanity, and all cognitive creatures, comes from our right brain.  It will find your happiness, your uncertainty and your love.

Right brain thinking lets us feel, and gives us great emotions.  We do not hold memories of facts or history in our right brain. It is of the moment, or of the right now.  It allows us to become aware, to be of sorts.  We are human with our right brain in action.  Your brain needs the right brain to be and feel love for others.  It is our compassion, or our connection to others.  It allows us to be moral and just creatures.

Spirituality comes from the right brain, and when we move the love of spirit into the left brain, we lose the real reasons we are on this planet.  You cannot quantify or understand love or our connection to others.  When you try to do this, others will be wary of you, so loosen up, and let yourself be in the moment.  It is like the cat, who only remembers a few survival skills, but lives in a constant state of next activity is now!  They do not have too much long term memory, but they live in short term memory folds, each and every day.  It is a way to exist with loose skills of long term memories, and a way to improve risk skills without fear.

Imagine yourself without fear, and constant trepidation-that is your brain with right brain use.   You can connect with pictures and visual analysis, but your verbal communication is useless.  You have things to say, but you say them with pictures not words.  The key to finding your spirit, is to move forward with love, and do not fear it, or plan for it.  It is not a logical path, and should not be analyzed.  With great spiritual awareness, you can find silence very helpful, and your brain will thank you for the newness of time.


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  1. Well-written post. You made some interesting points, such as separating reason and emotion. Your other points are well taken, also. Theoretically one reason God chose to create ANYTHING was to share his love (and glory). This could be the essence of our time on earth, as material possessions do not go with you to the next world. Thanks and good post.

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