Quit Smoking Today!

Have you ever wanted to quit smoking, but you were too afraid, unsure, and felt like you would fail?  You can do it but only if you try!  There are no motivating factors here, only your desire to quit.  If you are really ready to quit, feel like you can do it, and are sure you want to do this, congratulations!

You are Now an Ex-Smoker!

Here are the steps to Quitting Smoking:

1.  Want to Quit:   There is no two cents about it, you need to want to quit!  If you are really ready to quit, you can do it. This is the hardest step you will have to make, and it will be important for you to commit to your decision.  Once you step forward, and open this door, you can count yourself lucky enough to escape from the chains of smoking.

2.  Start a Plan:  There are reasons why you continue to smoke, and if you understand each time you feel a trigger to smoke, you are going to be putting a plan in place.  The best way to do this is to journal your triggers, and simply document when and where the trigger occurs.  Journal this feeling onto paper, your mobile phone, or even a post-it, and you are well on your way to breaking down these moments into a plan.

3. Find a Support System:  During the first few weeks as a non-smoker, it is going to be a rough period of time.  But, with support from your family and friends, it does not have to be misery.  Learn how to boost your success into a stress-free day, by simple support tools that really work!