New Modern Problem Solving Starts Within

Our modern problem solving skills come from awareness and not from old or past hurt and shame.  The best way for you to find your true happy path is to adapt into a new and modern way of thinking.  The digital generation that is just now entering college has found love and awareness with simple modern problem skills.  It is a great new day we are in!

Too much Bad News : Modern Problem Skills Come from Calm Understanding people today, are full of drama.  The recent events near St. Louis show a scolding Governor, a lost and enraged police force, and a very grief stricken family in the middle of our own decisions of pain.  On top of it all, there are those harming others from productive means to help the community, and take advantage of the situation in order to avoid their shame.  With new awareness, comes much pain. We are living in a world of awakening, and with its new changes, it is confronting us all with our evil judgments and our shame. Don’t liken this time to the end of time, but the beginning!  The most important realization you can come up with, is you are living in a world of emotional release.  The emotions are not always correct in action, so don’t let them rule the day.  When you see a new day as the present, you are beginning to expose modern problem solving as what it really is -from your inner self.

Calm Assertive Energy

Have you read Cesar’s Way or another of Cesar Millan’s TV shows about Dogs and Dog Training?  The most important credo he speaks about when working with dog owners and their problems, is to tell them to try to remain calm, and assertive.  The energy you give off, flows into problems with your life.  It is a realization that is simple, and one that can relate to modern problem solving skills.  When you are building a solution, the answer comes from within.  I know when I am in a situation, where there is much drama, a lot of ego present, or many hurt feelings, that we are just on the cusp of a great awareness breach.  The modern problem solving skills we all need, come from realizing that being calm and assertive, will build the right beautiful energy to plant flowers and not weeds.

With the growing population of the world, it will be important for us all to find a way to migrate towards new modern problem solutions to keep our people fed, warm, cool, and productive.  Everyone needs a way to evolve their creative vibe out into the world.  Without a creative attempt, even if it is unsuccessful, it is an attempt.  Judgement of these efforts only blocks our species from beauty and love.  Judgement and shame are the tools of the lost, so do not let your mind discuss this train of thought.  If you find yourself often repeating, “that is wrong” and then acting out your belief with foul emotion, you are exposing your shame.   Shame is the fear that you fester and hide, and, it the result of pain and agony in others.

In order to evolve more modern problem solving skills, you are going to have to tackle your own demons and issues before you can change the world.  The change does start within you.  Do not let shame or judgment rule your day.

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