It Really Is Not Your Fault

Often we find ourselves in a crossroad of uncertainty and confusion; Blame and indecision can blind you to what is really occurring.  In life, personalities and past wounds can be the cause of much suffering, and really in fact, that you are certainly not in error or in fault.   This can be hard to imagine, especially if you are and have been in contact with a damaged soul for many years.  True children of broken parents of broken parents can be a reality, and only a path towards knowledge, information and deep internal emotional searching can correct this historical nightmare.

Find your True Self you feel lost and confused by blame and anger by someone you love, work with, or care about, you can certainly be lost on how to manage the feelings you are feeling.  You too, can be converted to blame and anger.  You are not at fault.  You did nothing wrong.  It will not help to reply to hurtful anger and blame, or to defend yourself.  It will only empower the person with the emotional wound.  Effectively, you are giving them more power, and the validation that they are right to ask you to defend yourself.  The only place you should be defending yourself, is in a court of law.  Otherwise, there is no reason to ever defend your emotions, because they are always correct.

The only way to effectively transgress this chasm of benign pain, is to not fall into the lost soul’s line of reasoning.  Although this person is a lost soul, you must preserve your path to finding and securing your true self.  Often, you must painfully break from knowing this person, even if they are family, but only until you develop skills and strategies to protect your authentic self.  If you do not know what you want out of life, you may be in a chasm of purgatory, the emotional jail of your loved one, who has imprisoned you for their own benefit.  This is not who you are. Be sure to acknowledge, that the hate and anger of this person, are not real and are not caused by you.  You are not less than perfect.  You are not doing anything incorrectly, you are simply at the crux of delusion.   Accepting that you are not at fault, will lead you to finding your true self, your authentic self.

The Only Way to Find Happiness is To Know your Authentic Self

How long has it been since you knew, deep in your mind and soul, what you wanted to do that day?  Do you suffer from dread? Depression and Angst?  Do you ever have time where you spend doing things you love?  Do you know what you love in life?  Are you constantly making excuses for a person or actions of a person you know?  Stop this cycle of abuse to yourself.  You are worth every minute of life!  Your life is so precious, so important to us all, and you make a difference in ways that no one else can ever accomplish. Everyone has a unique and precious gift of the authentic and empowered self.  It will be a shame to waste it by not finding out what that your authentic self is like.  We all, as humans, will be less than bright, less than immense and less than able to build on our own true selves.  Your positive addition has wide spread gain, that we can never understand or observe until we see the beauty of what you have to offer.

Do not let us all down!


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