Happy Marriage Begins with One Partner

Today I woke up with snow on the ground, which should have been enough news for us in Minnesota, but on top of that, the radio reported a new study on what makes for a happy marriage.  It really is just a verification that being happy in yourself, will create happiness everywhere you go, with whomever you meet.  Happy marriage is a tricky thing to achieve, because we are often led to believe as children, that our lives are supposed to be one way, and in fact, you have no control over how events often play out within your life.  Control is a piece of ego that often can become a problem in a marriage, and it can keep a couple from becoming the best team they are meant to be.  Relinquishing control, and staying happy within yourself, you as a being, is a way to always find peace and love.  With my radio study being broadcast this morning, I realized that this is an important part to a happy marriage, and finding love can sometimes be very easy, but letting go is the trick to always keeping love.

Respect and Honor Keeps a Happy Marriage

The study that is being spoken about, indicates that it is very important that the wife in the marriage, be the kindest and most forgiving person, for the marriage to succeed.  This is not a shock, as often the emotional level of the gentler partner is one of kindness and respect.  A happy marriage is one where the two parties are free to fight & disagree, but then find forgiveness quickly, because they hold respect and honor for the bond to each other.  It is not about control, or being right, or placing blame.  It is all about fulfilling a happy marriage with forgiveness and happiness within one’s self.

Wives Create the Happy Marriage Atmosphere

lying down happy coupleWhen I heard the radio report that wives or women are happy, the result is a happy marriage, it was kind of like, well, duh!  But this doesn’t mean that we are building on the belief that women are always right. Quite the opposite!  What this action means, is that women are truly fine with forgiveness and compassion, and seeing a way to find a supportive and connection with those they love.  The study went on to say, when the wife is the partner who is the more agreeable partner, a happy marriage is produced.  It begs the question, does a submissive person lose ground when finding compassion and forgiveness?  I would have to say, that whenever you are looking to improve communication between people, it will be in everyone’s best interest. And,  losing an argument is not a value to any one self in a relationship, but it is a value of higher power for the bond of the partnership.  For this reason, if you hold a grudge, continue to believe your partner is lower than you, and disrespect the other person, you are not fulfilling steps to a happy marriage.

Happy Marriage is Not the Goal

When you are in a partnership, the fact is you are a team.  Being able to respect your partner or your partner’s wishes is key to the happy marriage being able to grow.  The fact is, this does not always happen.  It takes time, to root out problems, and allow the other person to have a respected request fulfilled.  It works from both partners, and when the marriage is happy, it is because both parties have discovered that being able to communicate without rancor holds true.  Communication is a peaceful result.  Being able to complete your anger and fear in the relationship, and know that the hard times will come and go, is key to maintaining a marriage.  Happy marriage will eventually result, but not every day must be happy.  Let your marriage flower through the hard times, and embrace them.  If you can be respectful and communicate with each other, and know you are committed to finding the solution; you can find the key to a happy marriage.

Any partner can be the Happy Marriage Beginner

With the advent of gay marriage, it is important to note, that in marriage, whether between a man and a woman, or between members of the same sex, it only takes one person in the union to be the best communicator.  This could be the husband, it could be the wife.  It could be a flexible situation between the two partners, where they share the responsibility.  Do not hesitate to share this gift with each other.  Sometimes, you are not as strong as your partner is, and during this time, your partner is counting on you to help.  Your happy marriage is waiting.


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