Get some sleep before making life changes

Life changes are often those pivotal moments in time, where you realize you are moving in the wrong direction, and past decisions are not right for your new life ahead.  Time is only relative, and we all need to realize that there is no past, no future, only the present.  It is the only real element in life, your constant awareness of this exact moment in time.  But, if you are suffering with past life changes, be sure to do it with a fresh and enthusiastic health of body.  Be sure to make life changes with a full battery of nourishment and a feeling of refreshment.

Life Changes Begin Now

Even when you are exhausted from dealing with life’s challenges, do not make too many tough choices or decisions on a low amount of energy. You will need all your strength to begin your positive life changes in the days ahead.  The best way to ensure a successful new day, is to rest and meditate on your changes, and the path you will be embarking upon.  Remember, life only exists in the now, so all of this planning and plotting is really just wasted energy.  Exist in the now, refresh your soul by a meditation, a breath, and find release of your mind and all the thoughts that consume you.  Do not make rash choices in your mind, but allow yourself time to live in the now, and awaken.  This is the only way your life changes will be effective ones.

Imagine yourself living in the Life Changes

Why would you even consider a series of life changes if you can’t play with the idea of the results for a little while?  It is fun to see yourself happy in the days ahead, being able to work less, and enjoy life more.  It is great to see yourself with your family more.  It is exciting to imagine your creative results coming to life.  What would you do without these dreams?  Unfortunately, they are the curse of the ego.  They are created by the mind, and are often wishful thinking.  So, stop wishing, and start doing.  The imagination of the future is a soap opera of drama and hearsay.  Why try to envision something that can never exist? If you create your new life changes in the now, and do it in a way where you can physically handle the work that is necessary, you will see the actions result.  Stop making barriers and dreaming.  Start with the things you can change and do them.

Why Life Changes Need Physical Strength

Sometimes life changes need a physical move, of home, household, work or schedule.  These all result in physical challenges.  You can see how this would be difficult to complete if your body is tired and you have not had good rest.  Imagine too, if your mind is racing, and you have not found the awareness to stay in the now for just a moment in time.  You will never be able to complete and succeed at life changes.


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