What’s The Story?

If you are building a business or a very innovative product, be sure to ask your customers, employees, friends and colleagues, “What’s the Story?”.  Any question with an open amount of time to listen to the response is better than a short uncaring statement that leaves your reader, listener, or attendance of followers with no way to respond.  Your customer who comes in to buy your product or service at your store, would most likely love to respond to “What’s the Story?” and give you a great amount of information to assist you with your efforts to help and assist them. Think of it this way, if you are offering a great service to the community, simply saying “hello” to your public is just a statement; but offering a chance to let your customer speak forward is more exceptional and powerful in the long run.

What’s the Story Will Allow for News

What if your customer had a new innovative way to wrap gifts, and they just discovered that fact; and, you needed this exact kind of service to your offering of caring support for your purchasing customers?  You have solved a problem, and done it in a way that your current customer base already is passionate and finds truly effective.  This was a solution that really just walked in the door, and with the power of “What’s the Story?”  you have allowed your customer to share a feeling and an opinion of value to them.  With a simple step of offering your time and letting the story become your attentive action, you have allowed your customer the best way to inform you of their needs and wants.

What’s the Story Behind the Fortune Cookie

Who cares about a dessert, that is really not that tasty, and often is stale, and is manufactured in bulk for pennies?  Everyone!  The secret is not in the cookie, only our dogs really like them, but in the fortune.  And, when a group of friends get together and share their fortunes with everyone together, that offers a real value to the restaurant that shares this simple gift to each customer.  They have a story to share!  What’s the story behind a simple crafted stale cookie?  A genius who understood that people’s value comes not just from tangible items, but from feelings and from understanding that everyone has their own truth that is specific to them and them alone.

What’s the Story will Leave you Stunned

If your business is faltering, you may have a moment to either fold up your efforts, or make that last ditch effort to push through and find time to answer, “What’s your Story?” yourself.  When you do, you might have to explain to yourself and your employees why you have been so busy making mistakes.  Be ruthless on yourself, but don’t let that realization be too hard that you can’t act and improve.  Judgement has no place in business, and should never be your first mental mindset.  Push through, and keep going until you can envision a better world for your business, and your customers.

With all the feedback on a personal level, you should be able to support your market and your customer needs better than anyone else.  What’s the Story?


Happy Marriage Begins with One Partner

Today I woke up with snow on the ground, which should have been enough news for us in Minnesota, but on top of that, the radio reported a new study on what makes for a happy marriage.  It really is just a verification that being happy in yourself, will create happiness everywhere you go, with whomever you meet.  Happy marriage is a tricky thing to achieve, because we are often led to believe as children, that our lives are supposed to be one way, and in fact, you have no control over how events often play out within your life.  Control is a piece of ego that often can become a problem in a marriage, and it can keep a couple from becoming the best team they are meant to be.  Relinquishing control, and staying happy within yourself, you as a being, is a way to always find peace and love.  With my radio study being broadcast this morning, I realized that this is an important part to a happy marriage, and finding love can sometimes be very easy, but letting go is the trick to always keeping love.

Respect and Honor Keeps a Happy Marriage

The study that is being spoken about, indicates that it is very important that the wife in the marriage, be the kindest and most forgiving person, for the marriage to succeed.  This is not a shock, as often the emotional level of the gentler partner is one of kindness and respect.  A happy marriage is one where the two parties are free to fight & disagree, but then find forgiveness quickly, because they hold respect and honor for the bond to each other.  It is not about control, or being right, or placing blame.  It is all about fulfilling a happy marriage with forgiveness and happiness within one’s self.

Wives Create the Happy Marriage Atmosphere

lying down happy coupleWhen I heard the radio report that wives or women are happy, the result is a happy marriage, it was kind of like, well, duh!  But this doesn’t mean that we are building on the belief that women are always right. Quite the opposite!  What this action means, is that women are truly fine with forgiveness and compassion, and seeing a way to find a supportive and connection with those they love.  The study went on to say, when the wife is the partner who is the more agreeable partner, a happy marriage is produced.  It begs the question, does a submissive person lose ground when finding compassion and forgiveness?  I would have to say, that whenever you are looking to improve communication between people, it will be in everyone’s best interest. And,  losing an argument is not a value to any one self in a relationship, but it is a value of higher power for the bond of the partnership.  For this reason, if you hold a grudge, continue to believe your partner is lower than you, and disrespect the other person, you are not fulfilling steps to a happy marriage.

Happy Marriage is Not the Goal

When you are in a partnership, the fact is you are a team.  Being able to respect your partner or your partner’s wishes is key to the happy marriage being able to grow.  The fact is, this does not always happen.  It takes time, to root out problems, and allow the other person to have a respected request fulfilled.  It works from both partners, and when the marriage is happy, it is because both parties have discovered that being able to communicate without rancor holds true.  Communication is a peaceful result.  Being able to complete your anger and fear in the relationship, and know that the hard times will come and go, is key to maintaining a marriage.  Happy marriage will eventually result, but not every day must be happy.  Let your marriage flower through the hard times, and embrace them.  If you can be respectful and communicate with each other, and know you are committed to finding the solution; you can find the key to a happy marriage.

Any partner can be the Happy Marriage Beginner

With the advent of gay marriage, it is important to note, that in marriage, whether between a man and a woman, or between members of the same sex, it only takes one person in the union to be the best communicator.  This could be the husband, it could be the wife.  It could be a flexible situation between the two partners, where they share the responsibility.  Do not hesitate to share this gift with each other.  Sometimes, you are not as strong as your partner is, and during this time, your partner is counting on you to help.  Your happy marriage is waiting.


Awareness Comes From the Little Things

Why are the little things the thoughts that keep us up at night, and cause us often to be very happy or ultimately very sad?  The little things in life like fresh water, healthy food, good times with friends and family are very important.  When we begin to become aware and observe our surroundings for what they really are, do these little things become even more apparent.  The reason we are often missing the solutions to being in a happy life, is we are caught up in the bigger picture, and not a moment in time.

Lose yourself to the Little Things

http://www.dreamstime.com/-image6184210Find a great way to always be happy by seeing and observing for a day.  The little things that make you happy, are often not even things, but moments in time; a smile, a kind word, a brief happy recollection of a time in the past.  With your love and life, aren’t the little things often the most swift of moments in time?  But really, they aren’t even things or even moments in time, they simply exist.  Being in the moment, not thinking about the past, is often the best way to appreciate the little things in life.  The little things are often the moment you are reading this article, and the moment of now.  With no problems in now, you are willing to accept the present, and open it like the gift that it is.  Never having to regret, no worries about the future, and no problems to take you away from the beauty of now.  Even when things are very bad, and the reality of life today becomes pressing and heavy, the now can always take you forward.  Do yourself a favor and enjoy the little things.

Little Things can Be Simple

Even when we are not able to be happy, are suffering within grief of losing a loved one, or being forced to think of an unpreventable future, we can live in the moment.  The exercises we use to find this moment, is sometimes very common, and something we all can share.  One is air.  The other is feeling your hands or your feet and focusing on this feeling.  Another is clean water.  Sometimes, just taking a moment to live within the glass of clean water, can bring your mind to a crawl.  After all, the ever thinking mind, is not you, not your soul, or your connection to the universe.  This small event, enjoying a moment with clean water, is a gift. It is a moment in time that is now.  You can use this every day, as we all have to take in air to live, and we all have little things like a glass of water that we have to find each and every day.

Watch a small Child Enjoy The Little Things

The little things are easy joy for those at the beginning of life and near the end.  When we see a little child grasp the glass of water, they are opening their eyes to see the water, and they open their mouth to accept the gift of nourishment, and sometimes the gulp of water is too much for them, and they cough and sputter.  They don’t think about their next moves, or their day up until then.  They are only in the moment of the present, and the little things in life.  They have no other obligations, they do not see any reason to worry about the future, they are simply moving the water into their body.  Same goes for any new thing that they have to learn, or create as they grow.  The very fact that joy comes from tying their shoe, is a little thing that you can do each and every day.  Next to clean water, enjoy your clean glass, and the room you are in.  Breathe the beauty of the moment, and find your peaceful soul.  Let the mediation take you to who you are, and you will be called forward to find the right positive gains, time and time again.

The Little Things Bring Success In Life

Silly as it seems, recognizing and enjoying the little things is something that we all can relate to, even when we are not present or aware.  For this reason, if you are hoping to connect with someone important, who can guide you into a better life for your future, it is a good idea to keep them in the present, and remain focused on the little things that interest them.  Most people, no matter how unaware they can be, or are, understand what little things in life are happy for them. The trick is, you need to discover with them what that little thing is-a smile is a good place to start.  A sweet box of chocolates sometimes fits this description, but most people even understand a true moment of time when someone is really attentive and listen to them, or a sweet smell that they share with someone else, or even a discussion about food or drink.  Communication begins with the little things, and they can form a bond stronger than the project or goals you share.


Spirituality in Life Comes From Your Brain and Understanding Love

Your Brain is Aware by Spirituality

Your brain is a human dimension in and of itself, nothing else is so sci-fy!  The brain is a collection of neurons, and includes your nervous system throughout your body, and the spinal cord as well.  The most amazing part to your brain, is that it can think about itself, and is aware of its own creation. Thinking about the human brain, is parsed out amongst the frontal lobe, the parietal lobe, and the amygdala.  The neuroscience of your brain, however scientific we get, does not fully encompass the beauty of the human spirit, and part of your spirituality does come from your brain.

Your Brain is Separation of Facts and Emotion


Your brain is made of the left and the right hemisphere, which is described in beautiful detail by Jill Bolte Taylor.  Her experience with a brain injury, is the key to understanding why your physical brain, actually needs your understanding as a person of spirit and connection to the world.  As a creature of biology, our brain is simply amazing.  It is small enough to allow our species to be born into life, but is large enough to stay economical throughout our life.  With increased awareness, we have become the dominant species on our planet.

As we become more populated, and our energy resources become less available, it is important that we understand how our brains function, to improve our situation on this planet.  With increased awareness, your brain can help you see how connected you are with the rest of the world. But what does this mean to us as spiritual beings?  The reason it is important to understand your physical and biological self, is it can help you with your spiritual path as well.

Your Brain as Left Brain

Understanding that your left brain, is your brain of logic, and science, it will make sense to start here.  Understand this is where you speak, where you hear sounds in a verbal way, and your left brain is your communication hub.  It is where you take a math problem, and analyze it to completion.  It is where your tax adviser works best.   Our finance and regulatory experts are left brain heavy, and your brain may be the left brain focused being.

This is all and good when you are looking at data, and analyzing market competition, or designing a report for future growth within your company or business.  The problem comes up, when you are faced with expansion of that business, and you have to fit right brain people into this equation.  It makes life a more difficult process, but well worth the effort.

Your left brain will problem solve how to keep your body warm in winter, keep your children fed, and keep you working at work.  It will get you places on time, decide what kind of clothing to wear to match the weather, and analyze what is healthy to eat.  If you need to lose weight, rely on your left brain to pull into your body, good choices.  As well, exercise and new language will come from your left brain, and your brain cannot learn without a left brain analysis to explain why it is important.

Survival of our environment needs your brain to work best in the left hemisphere, or you could not make good choices to keep living.  It is the memory of poisons, toxins and what is going to hurt if you move in a certain way.  It allows us all to communicate these needs to each other, and to continue to improve our species as humans.

Your Brain as a Right Brain Powerhouse

Keeping your focus on your creativity and your artistic side, will help you draw, create music, and become aware of colors and patterns in your world around you.  You will feel connected to the different dimensions of time, space and the continuum of spirit that surrounds us all.  Loosely coined as spirituality, the connection we experience with the entire space of humanity, and all cognitive creatures, comes from our right brain.  It will find your happiness, your uncertainty and your love.

Right brain thinking lets us feel, and gives us great emotions.  We do not hold memories of facts or history in our right brain. It is of the moment, or of the right now.  It allows us to become aware, to be of sorts.  We are human with our right brain in action.  Your brain needs the right brain to be and feel love for others.  It is our compassion, or our connection to others.  It allows us to be moral and just creatures.

Spirituality comes from the right brain, and when we move the love of spirit into the left brain, we lose the real reasons we are on this planet.  You cannot quantify or understand love or our connection to others.  When you try to do this, others will be wary of you, so loosen up, and let yourself be in the moment.  It is like the cat, who only remembers a few survival skills, but lives in a constant state of next activity is now!  They do not have too much long term memory, but they live in short term memory folds, each and every day.  It is a way to exist with loose skills of long term memories, and a way to improve risk skills without fear.

Imagine yourself without fear, and constant trepidation-that is your brain with right brain use.   You can connect with pictures and visual analysis, but your verbal communication is useless.  You have things to say, but you say them with pictures not words.  The key to finding your spirit, is to move forward with love, and do not fear it, or plan for it.  It is not a logical path, and should not be analyzed.  With great spiritual awareness, you can find silence very helpful, and your brain will thank you for the newness of time.


Life Challenges are Often Financial Changes and Emotional Uncertainty

The economic downturn of 2007 is still in a mean mood, and with this downturn, world wide financial changes have created a world of emotional uncertainty. There have never been a wider amount of people in a state of uncertainty, change and emotional challenge.  The entire world is in a point of crisis, and with the resources of our planet in a strain, this has created a life challenge for us all.

Life Challenges are Financial Changes

Financial Changes Have Impacted the Entire World

Why would a financial change in life become an emotional crisis?  It seems unlikely that we would find happiness in this kind of situation, but more often than not, the change that you experience may force you to reflect, review and realize what is really important to you.  During a financial change, we are forced to give up the fluff, and embrace the necessities of our life.  We are hopeful for the future, but we are more realistic.  Financial changes force us to love ourselves more, and realize how lucky and wonderful we are as individuals.  This challenge, is a real lifestyle change, with new positive gains to be had.  The only reason to pout and go back to a life before the financial crisis, is to recap some lost emotional baggage, and take care of the past cares that may interfere with your future.

Financial Changes can Force You to Move Forward

When you are faced with a financial change, where you may have less money than you are used to living with, it can be a frightening time.  It will be a good thing for you in the end, but finding the solution to changing your life can be very difficult.  Be easy and kind on yourself, and do not blame yourself for a financial change or beat yourself up. This is no time to embrace your emotional side, but move forward with your positive areas of yourself, and use those positive attributes to your advantage.  There are ways to move forward, without using your emotional uncertainty in this mix.

Find a Way Out of Financial Changes by Focusing On Positive Skills

You may have to resource a friend or an expert to help you move from a financial change, but you can do this.  Even if you have not graduated with your schooling goals yet, you can use the skills you have already acquired to your advantage.  Start with the local library, and reflect there, in the quiet of the public library, with pen and paper.  Start by listing all the skills you have, and what you enjoy doing.  If you like to cook, write it down.  Then, detail through what kinds of cooking you like; do you like barbeque?  Stir fry, steamed vegetables with noodles?  What about baking?  This list will grow, and you will have a long list of skills before you know it!

A life challenge like this requires you to write down all of your skills, and to review them in this manner.  Looking at them, are there some that you would like to expand on?  Do you think you could use any of these in a way that could improve your financial changes at the moment? I bet you could!  Grow your list, and keep reference to it.  Carry it with you, and keep looking for a job or profession that matches your skills.

Creating a life resume like this, is the first step in securing your place in finding the solution to any financial changes in life.

Healthy Living Comes With Love

The life we live is reflected in the choices we make each and every day, and one of the best choices we can make is to choose healthy living.  Live that is lived in a healthy way includes good nutritional food choices, lots of fun and invigorating exercise options, keeping our toxic environmental options low, and remaining in a powerful but positive habitat is important too.  Healthy living starts not just with simple and honest review of our lifestyle, but the choices we make each and every day, and involves those we love at the same time.

Begin with Healthy Living Choices for Those You Love

Healthy Living Starts with Loving Yourself

The most important person in your life should be yourself, your spouse, your family and then your friends.  If your work, your goals, money and your passions come first, that is a choice that needs to be addressed as your first change to find healthy living.  You cannot do this alone, and your love for yourself needs to be for good reasons, not just for others in your immediate circle.  If you can’t find time to create a positive life for yourself, you are not impacting your family and friends in a good and positive way.  Finding time to eat nutritional food, to exercise the day’s stress away, and to learn more for your own benefit is very important for a day of healthy living.  It does not take much to walk away stress each day for 20 minutes.  Or, a visit to a health food store can combine your quest to find healthy living in food and in new ideas.  Keep your options open for yourself, and time to do this each and every day.

Healthy Living Grows from Love

Once you empower yourself, now you can begin to share your wealth with others.  This will easily occur, and bring strength to all you know and love.  You will find more attention is brought to you quickly in terms of rewards, praise, and people looking to you for support and compassion. They will rise to the occasion for you, and with your constant empowerment, you can bring a joy back to many lives with your love of yourself.  Find the time to empower others, by living a healthy life for yourself, and spread that joy with others.  This is a constant force, and it can be addicting, so once you begin the process, expect the unexpected, and watch for the new life to embrace you quickly and openly.

Healthy Living Choices are Everywhere

Sometimes when you are in a less than healthy lifestyle, you cannot see the forest through the trees.  You are stuck, and you only believe the choices you must make each day, are the only options.  There are so many choices you make each day, that you did not have when you where a small child.  You did not choose to live an unhealthy life, it seemed to be forced upon you.  Maybe you were born into a very difficult time in your families life, and you saw only unhealthy options, and did not realize until much later, that a different life even existed.

If you are stuck smoking, drinking alcohol, eating less than nutritious food, and suffering from these choices, you are not alone.  The path is yours, and you can learn how to not make these choices, and learn that healthy living comes from the understanding that you are not losing anything by dropping these choices, but gaining everything in the days ahead.


Finding Happiness

In today’s fast paced world, the way to wealth and health is often thought to result in finding happiness.  Or not at all!  The reason that we are happy and not sad, is often because we find a reason to live in a positive, motivated and purposeful way.  It is true, that you may be sick and poor, and your happiness value is higher than when you were healthy and had money.  How could this be?  The reason we may feel happier some days and not others, is because we are often led down a road of greatness.  How this occurs is different for us all.

Finding Happiness in Life


Happiness is In the Moments

How we complete a task of finding happiness depends on you and your talents.  Maybe you are a skilled cook, and your talent of making people happy with your great food, completes your happy quotient.   Or, maybe you are a research scientist and you have a quest to find a way to create a more powerful magnet to be used in many different industrial applications.  The possibilities are endless.

Finding your skills and talents is often a trial and jury process.  Not everyone completes this key step. Without a clear understanding of your key talents and gifts, you will struggle with happiness throughout your life.  That being said, some people know they are great builders of homes, craftsmen of wood or metal, and still never find their true north.  The next step to happiness lies in application of your talents to real day problems.

Please be sure to take stock of your talents and skills, and make use of them, by seeing if there are real life solutions that can be created by your particular knowledge of your specialty.  If you are a well rounded individual, and have many different skills, do not let go of your focus of what really makes you happy and finds you smiling at your most.

Finding Happiness in Your Work

When you are at work, do you find yourself excited to start each day?  Are there things that make you run at full speed, and sometimes, you wish you had more time to create a closer answer to the problems each day?  If not, keep searching for the path that really makes you push yourself.  Without this fire, this passion, and the relinquishment of all your past excuses, you will not accomplishment finding happiness.

Here’s why:  You can’t just make yourself happy, you have to make others happy.  The truth is, we are all great people.  We all want to ensure success for others.  When we see the positive changes in others lives, we are true to ourselves, and there is a new connection to all humanity.  Why else would Ghandi, Mother Theresa, or Martin Luther King Jr., give up their lives to the world? The simple fact is, they are being selfish in their unselfishness, because it made them happy.  To see the change they were hoping to create, was the goal.  Not for just themselves, but for everyone.

Doing Good for Others Equals Finding Happiness

This brings me to my last supportive argument, which creates new creative action to the benefit of others-give yourself totally to the collective group of humanity, and you will be successful at finding happiness.  The majority of us believe the acquisition of wealth creates the happy factor we are all searching for.  When in truth,  once you own something, there is no happiness in its acquisition, but only burden of responsible ownership.  The same goes for your actions as a person in our collective society.

When you create good will towards all men, you create a good flow for yourself.  Start to love yourself, and pass the trend on, and give of yourself completely.  Many lives have been changed by not large lifestyle changes, but small steps each day to become the best person you can be.

  • Open doors for others
  • Engage in polite chit chat
  • Listen and respond thoughtfully
  • do not engage in drama or over emotion as it creates a negative emotional state
  • Comprehend new ideas, and pass them on
  • Teach young people with patience
  • Support and care for a pet
  • Take time to meditate and bring silence to each day
  • Learn a new skill at each and every opportunity
  • Give up excuses and look to the alternative of saying yes
  • Take time to support those in need
  • Take up a cause that means a lot to you and tell your story
  • Stop focusing on money and wealth, and concentrate on knowledge and cooperation
  • Finding Happiness starts with your thoughts and attitude in life

Happy Diets Work with Healthy Food

If you are eating lots of sugary foods and starches, chances are you are often hungry.  It is a hard place to be, always eating food that makes you hungry and does not bring you any real nutrition in the long run.  Often, when you are eating this kind of diet, you will be tired, and very slow.  It takes effort to always have some movement in a high sugar, high starch diet.  It is cheap, but when you consider the long term consequences, you are taking a very expensive turn.

Many people work through a period of their lives, where they stop caring about their diets.  It is a sad time for most. Often, there are some kinds of tragedy going on in life, and some real challenges.  These things are all related, so making a change in your diet, can actually reverse some kinds of life challenges as well.

Move towards healthy foods.  Look for one-ingredient food groups.  Eat fresh veggies and fruits.  Do not eat anything that is full of preservatives.  Stop at starch laden food sources, as they turn straight into sugar.  And, do not eat sugar.  Do not eat sugar substitutes.  Start a new appreciation for fresh fruit.  Become a fruit maven, and eat it constantly.  Change from Diet Pops or Sodas to water, tea or simple juices that are 100% fruit.  No sugar, no chemical sugar equivalents, and your diet will be much more positive.

Your new lifestyle needs your reflective and positive changes in life, and it can start with your diet.

Keeping Your House Clean

Life is cluttered, and so is your home!  Often, we get sucked into buying things, and then we do not use them.   I have a pair of ice skates that I have never used.  They are dull and old now, and should have been given to someone who really could use them.

But I have them!  So, they sit in a storage room, just like this one pictured here.  The mix of cold weather items with summer garden equipment is a common sight, especially in areas where freezing temperatures make it necessary.  This can be a challenge, as often, you forget where things are, and end up then borrowing the neighbor’s tool, and then returning it down the way.

Stop this endless stack of stuff, but analysis.  It only takes a few minutes a day.  But, if you do a little each day, and keep up with the ongoing mess coming into the house each day, your home will sparkle with organization.

Look for storage, that has open areas for new items

Just because you are looking for ways to evolve your new life into shelves and buckets of bins, does not mean you will have a way to find your precious items.  Some things can be donated, some can be tossed, and some need to be saved.   Again, here are your categories:

1. Donation

2. Toss

3. Save

Each item in your home needs to be looked at objectively, in this manner:  How often do I use this, is it something I really need, does it still work, and will I use it again in the future.  Answering these questions can be hard, because what happens, often is there is emotion tied to each item.  This must be handled slowly, and quickly.

The Crystal Punch Bowl

One way to do this, is to work on a small area of clutter each day.  Give yourself 5 minutes where to take 10 things, and answer the 3 main sort questions.  If you come up with emotion tying you to an item, give yourself some time to objectively work through your connections.  Here is an example:

Your Aunt Mary had a punch bowl, that was your pride and joy, when she gave it to you.  It is the only item from her, and it is a large crystal bowl, with many cups, spoons, and plates for 20 people.  It is a lovely large bowl, and is so beautiful. It sits in your closet, near the front door, and going through your hallway closet, you find it there.  It has sat on the shelf, for over 6 years, never being opened.

Since this is the only item you have to remember your Aunt Mary, but it is a large and huge item, you have a conundrum.  You love it, just not the amount of space it takes up.  It is such an amazing and beautiful piece of crystal!

Here is my suggestion for this situation.  And, it can be handled on a Monday evening back from work.  No big deal!

Once the dinner is done, and you have a moment to clean, go to the closet, and take out the punch bowl and all of its boxes.  Wow, that really took up a lot of space!  All of the kids hats and mittens would easily fit in that spot.  And, I will never ever use it.  It is something special.  Yes, that is true.  But wait, isn’t your friend Anne opening a catering company?  I bet she would love this!

Getting on the phone with Anne, you have now completed your five minutes of cleaning, but boy how successful you have been!  Now, you have opened up a spot for winter gear.  For your handbag at the end of the day.  For some games you play on a regular basis.  And, your friend was thrilled to receive the bowl.  You can always borrow it, when you need it.  She is a good person, and was very happy to place it into use.

The point of this story, is you are working through your problems, and doing it consistently.  You are letting go of past excuses.  You are learning new things, and opening your mind to new open spaces.  Cleaning out old items is more than just stuff, it is working on sending your old mindset packing as well.

Bring your Happy Face Forward!

Your new lifestyle is going to need your happy smile and smiling eyes more than ever!  It is the key to ensuring your new lifestyle, and becoming even happier than you ever have been in your life.

To do this, you will need to forget the past, stop living with regrets, and dwelling on the problems of the present.  Your future is bright, and you need to always live in the moment, and know your new life is just steps away.

Does this inspire you?  I hope so!  Here are some really easy ways to brighten your day, and do it all with your mindset, not a physical thing, or a purchased item.  It has to do with your mental outlook on life.

Build your future in the Present

The only way to ensure a happy life, is to believe in yourself.  It is a corny thought, but you have to be a cheerleader for your new initiatives and endeavors.  Even if it is a new way of eating, or a new kind of hobby, you are the driver for this new life, and need to be on-board with this new change 100%.  If you are not, it will not succeed, and you will feel let down, and completely disillusioned.  It is easy to have a fire in your belly at the beginning, but if you can’t tend to the fire, and keep it going, do not start the path.  You need to be committed to your new life, and take it from there.  Without the birth of your love for your new you, the future will not become what you believe in, and will not exist.  So, take the reigns, and do it!

Let your chips fall where they may

The new positive edge, will lead you through tumultuous waters.  There will be large walls to climb, lots of hurdles, and many, many nay-Sayers. They will all want to decide you can or can not do it.  Often, it takes some real strength to stand up to the challenges, and objectively handle them.  Do not stop the process, and keep it moving forward.

Be sure to learn more about your new lifestyle

An educated mind, is a powerful mind.  It is something you can gain, and it can never be taken from you.  Even super wealthy people have the risk that all of their money could disappear.  Just like that!  If you learn about a way to power homes in a new way, how to make crying babies happy, cure dog’s from hot spots, you will never have this knowledge taken from you.  So, get yourself pumped with resources, read a new book, take some time to listen to a lecture, listen to a new radio program, or even reach out to someone you really admire.  The fact that you are learning, will constantly empower you to find that positive vibe, and make you even more adaptive in any situation.

Let your life grow, and you will be the better person for it!  If you are looking to enlist any positive vibes, send me a comment, and we can boost ourselves forward together!  Nothing works better than other positive thinkers.