It Really Is Not Your Fault

Often we find ourselves in a crossroad of uncertainty and confusion; Blame and indecision can blind you to what is really occurring.  In life, personalities and past wounds can be the cause of much suffering, and really in fact, that you are certainly not in error or in fault.   This can be hard to imagine, especially if you are and have been in contact with a damaged soul for many years.  True children of broken parents of broken parents can be a reality, and only a path towards knowledge, information and deep internal emotional searching can correct this historical nightmare.

Find your True Self you feel lost and confused by blame and anger by someone you love, work with, or care about, you can certainly be lost on how to manage the feelings you are feeling.  You too, can be converted to blame and anger.  You are not at fault.  You did nothing wrong.  It will not help to reply to hurtful anger and blame, or to defend yourself.  It will only empower the person with the emotional wound.  Effectively, you are giving them more power, and the validation that they are right to ask you to defend yourself.  The only place you should be defending yourself, is in a court of law.  Otherwise, there is no reason to ever defend your emotions, because they are always correct.

The only way to effectively transgress this chasm of benign pain, is to not fall into the lost soul’s line of reasoning.  Although this person is a lost soul, you must preserve your path to finding and securing your true self.  Often, you must painfully break from knowing this person, even if they are family, but only until you develop skills and strategies to protect your authentic self.  If you do not know what you want out of life, you may be in a chasm of purgatory, the emotional jail of your loved one, who has imprisoned you for their own benefit.  This is not who you are. Be sure to acknowledge, that the hate and anger of this person, are not real and are not caused by you.  You are not less than perfect.  You are not doing anything incorrectly, you are simply at the crux of delusion.   Accepting that you are not at fault, will lead you to finding your true self, your authentic self.

The Only Way to Find Happiness is To Know your Authentic Self

How long has it been since you knew, deep in your mind and soul, what you wanted to do that day?  Do you suffer from dread? Depression and Angst?  Do you ever have time where you spend doing things you love?  Do you know what you love in life?  Are you constantly making excuses for a person or actions of a person you know?  Stop this cycle of abuse to yourself.  You are worth every minute of life!  Your life is so precious, so important to us all, and you make a difference in ways that no one else can ever accomplish. Everyone has a unique and precious gift of the authentic and empowered self.  It will be a shame to waste it by not finding out what that your authentic self is like.  We all, as humans, will be less than bright, less than immense and less than able to build on our own true selves.  Your positive addition has wide spread gain, that we can never understand or observe until we see the beauty of what you have to offer.

Do not let us all down!


Indecision Can Blind You from Happiness

Have you ever felt indecision where you felt like you could not go one way or the other with a corrective action?  That being said, we have all felt this way!  I know that often life is busy and quick, and we are many times asked to do too much in this world of hectic professional and family life.   We all expect perfection everywhere in our days.  We expect it from everyone.  Sometimes we are not given the tools to reach perfection, and one very important tool is being able to decide what we need to do next.

Analysis Paralysis – Indecision can Begin with Too Much Information you are in charge of a small project, that impacts many people on your team.  Why does this happen?  Not many people on your team knows how to implement the change, and many people need the change to occur.  They also expect the change to be perfect in its process and outcome.  They are expecting you to do this quickly.  You should not spend more time or resources than is necessary to create this positive effect.  How then, can you meet all these demands?  Sometimes, all the expectations create a deluge of market analysis, technical details which do not compare easily, and pricing terms that are hard to understand.  With a complex amount of data to review and compare, an unrealistic deadline, and a crazy amount of high expectations, it is no wonder that you can’t make a decision!  When you feel stress, uncertainty, and often times, a lack of control of your time frame, you will not be at your best to complete the project.

Indecision marked by uncertain ownership of the project

When you experience an inability to make a decision, you must be feeling stress.  Often this is from your lack of ownership over the problem.  And, you may be in a make or break situation, where you must find positive action or your results will be catastrophic.  The world will end if you don’t get the results your team or yourself are expecting.  Do you have control over what will happen if things go bad?  If not, your indecision will only grow.

Try to Own Your Project and Indecision Will Dissipate

If you decide you don’t care about the outcome, and will work diligently to the best outcome, then your indecision will come easily. Stop trying to control things that you cannot, and plan for the best outcome.  And, if you are not in control of the project, release it to the correct person.  Do not stress over things that you are not correctly able to manage.  What if you are not the responsible party, and not the effective leader?  Try to be a follower, and see if you can then come up with the decision.

All people find themselves in a fork in the road, an em-pass, or a challenge to their moral code.  It is not always the right path to let yourself make the decision alone.  Rely on your experience, sleep on it, and then take the most likely path to success.  You might find failure, but then you may never see the most perfect solution down the line.  Sometimes, you have to see failure to find the most effective solution to your problem.




Awake to your new life with a Transition

Perfect transitions and change are not always possible, but finding a new life ahead can begin with any kind of transition; whether good or bad.  Sometimes, the change is made for you, and you have a loss of control of your immediate future.  This feeling of loss is not real, as it is only a feeling.  One thing that can evolve you into your awakened life, is to understand that your feelings, however real they to seem, are only a momentary expanse of your mind.

Feelings are Not Reality in Transition a new life, the awakening you hope to experience and live within, will come from any transition, whether caused by you by intent, or by another.  This change, however it begins, is not easy, and nothing good can come from an ease into a new reality.  The transition must be felt, but here is the key; do not dwell on your emotions and feelings within this transition, only observe that they are occurring.  The real time and space around you is not in your happiness or sorrow, it is just in the now or the present moment.  I know there are a lot of messages that are jumbled here, but if you stay with me, I think I can awaken a breath in your brain.

  • You love your husband, and he dies.  The death and grief you experience and feel are transitional and emotional.  Even as this strong transition creates a separation from your old reality, your emotional brain is turning your mind into a new being.   This is normal, and you must allow yourself time to work through your feelings of grief.  Even when you do, be advised, that the emotional state you are in is not real.  The grief is experienced, but not reality of your new life.  It will require a path of solitude, community, and strength to pull through to your new reality.  Your new life is waiting to be awakened, and you may have seen it for a very brief moment when you received the first news of your husband’s death.  It is a pin prick of time, showing your inner self the future.  Allow the awakening to occur slowly, and be thoughtful on how your reality is coming, it is just this “in-between time” that is occurring now.
  • You get a promotion and your new job is very demanding.  As you migrate to your new role, there is a learning curve for you, while you struggle to let go of your past role, and your new responsibilities.  The best part of this transition, is it is well within your power to change back to your old reality, if you find the new challenges less than positive.  If you do however, you may be listening not to your inner being, but to your mind, which is never the right transition force.  Begin your new role with gusto, and be assured in your confidence that you can do the job.  When you do, you are living in the new reality, with all the new emotions that it presents.  To make this transition powerful and positive, be sure to observe the new emotions, but do not let them attempt or control your mind.  Envy, worry, uncertainty, and loss will only bump you past into your new emotional mind, and ensure you skip the best parts of your new transition.
  • A natural disaster occurs and you lose your home and your business.  Your family is lost in the disaster, and you cannot begin to imagine your new world.  All your feelings are in shock.  At this brief, but longest moment of present, you do not feel anything but the chill of the wind on your back, and observe the power of the loss.  You feel alone, the first grief emotion to set its feet in your heart.  At that brief moment, the transition is not apparent, but the loss of all your worldly possessions and loved ones is becoming real.  This transition will make you into a positive force of immense strength, or dispel you into loss emotional hold for the rest of your living days.  You are given a supreme gift in this instance, as it is a long present moment of transcendence that if you care to observe and see in in your wakened state, or it is moment of time that you wish to never embrace, and constantly run from.  Grasp this terrific tragedy in the correct manner, and you will be a sainted creature of bliss for all to see and feel.

All of these instances occur with a start that you do not have power to control or implement.  True, in the career promotion, you may go back and embrace your old reality, at any time, but remember, the point of a transition is that you are not living in the then, but the now.   The past is gone, and does not exist.  So, if you do go back to your previous career, after the position is offered and accepted,  you are choosing not your past reality, but in effect your chosen new reality where you are trying to mimic the pre-existing condition.  This is never the correct path, as you can never recreate a past life, it simply does not exist any longer.

The Honeymoon Now in Transition

Keep in thought, our examples of change above, and lets examine and try to observe. Anytime you unwillingly (many changes are unwanted/unplanned) in transition, you should try to remember that brief moment you heard the news of the death/promotion/natural disaster. Was there a moment you stopped thinking and just was in the now for a really long time?  This is almost a dark hole of time.  It is the reason, in an accident, survivors state, “the accident seemed like it was in slow motion”.  Albert Einstein proved that time is relative, and this very illogical way of describing time, is actually proven time and time again within any transition.

Do you have a moment before you hear bad news, that you glimpse that communication will be arriving to confirm your suspicion?  We call this crazy moment of present time, a physic flash.  (This is not really crazy, just hard for our minds eye to process, so our ever judgmental mind thinks, “crazy”.)  It is just a open moment in the present, that shows the future transition to our inner being for communication with that entity.  Your mind and inner being work separately from each other, so this seems crazy to one part of your consciousness, and is disregarded immediately.  If you meditate, you will see it clearer, and can recreate this future transitional time for your inner being briefly.  It is the mark of your spirit to move in your correct directional path.

This brings up the transition in process, your brief beginning time with the new life, the new change can be very happy for your inner being; a honeymoon of sorts.  It is a gift to your inner self, that recalls you to the collective group of the universe.  Remember once where you have come, sort of thing.  Nothing to fear, nothing to consider, just to be.

Any good Transition Creates Just BE

Glad to observe, dogs are given a happiness of the moment.  This is the observances of life, with no mindset to distract them from the happiness of the now.  They are unable to break from the observances of what they see, place judgement, blame, or problem solve to complex a situation.  They will be here for us, to keep us centered, and remind us to BE in the moment.  When we are, and we do it with our best friends, we have a healthy and happy companion.  The only issue with this state, is that it does not solve our human strain issues.  We need our mind’s eye to help us form complex solutions to the variable problems. It won’t solve hunger by just being.  However, the transition to solving hunger won’t have an impact for long without the glimpse into the center of the transition and existing briefly in the now.  Take time to smell the roses, so that we can calm our restless minds, and empower our inner beings forward into whatever transition you are facing.


Get some sleep before making life changes

Life changes are often those pivotal moments in time, where you realize you are moving in the wrong direction, and past decisions are not right for your new life ahead.  Time is only relative, and we all need to realize that there is no past, no future, only the present.  It is the only real element in life, your constant awareness of this exact moment in time.  But, if you are suffering with past life changes, be sure to do it with a fresh and enthusiastic health of body.  Be sure to make life changes with a full battery of nourishment and a feeling of refreshment.

Life Changes Begin Now

Even when you are exhausted from dealing with life’s challenges, do not make too many tough choices or decisions on a low amount of energy. You will need all your strength to begin your positive life changes in the days ahead.  The best way to ensure a successful new day, is to rest and meditate on your changes, and the path you will be embarking upon.  Remember, life only exists in the now, so all of this planning and plotting is really just wasted energy.  Exist in the now, refresh your soul by a meditation, a breath, and find release of your mind and all the thoughts that consume you.  Do not make rash choices in your mind, but allow yourself time to live in the now, and awaken.  This is the only way your life changes will be effective ones.

Imagine yourself living in the Life Changes

Why would you even consider a series of life changes if you can’t play with the idea of the results for a little while?  It is fun to see yourself happy in the days ahead, being able to work less, and enjoy life more.  It is great to see yourself with your family more.  It is exciting to imagine your creative results coming to life.  What would you do without these dreams?  Unfortunately, they are the curse of the ego.  They are created by the mind, and are often wishful thinking.  So, stop wishing, and start doing.  The imagination of the future is a soap opera of drama and hearsay.  Why try to envision something that can never exist? If you create your new life changes in the now, and do it in a way where you can physically handle the work that is necessary, you will see the actions result.  Stop making barriers and dreaming.  Start with the things you can change and do them.

Why Life Changes Need Physical Strength

Sometimes life changes need a physical move, of home, household, work or schedule.  These all result in physical challenges.  You can see how this would be difficult to complete if your body is tired and you have not had good rest.  Imagine too, if your mind is racing, and you have not found the awareness to stay in the now for just a moment in time.  You will never be able to complete and succeed at life changes.


New Modern Problem Solving Starts Within

Our modern problem solving skills come from awareness and not from old or past hurt and shame.  The best way for you to find your true happy path is to adapt into a new and modern way of thinking.  The digital generation that is just now entering college has found love and awareness with simple modern problem skills.  It is a great new day we are in!

Too much Bad News : Modern Problem Skills Come from Calm Understanding people today, are full of drama.  The recent events near St. Louis show a scolding Governor, a lost and enraged police force, and a very grief stricken family in the middle of our own decisions of pain.  On top of it all, there are those harming others from productive means to help the community, and take advantage of the situation in order to avoid their shame.  With new awareness, comes much pain. We are living in a world of awakening, and with its new changes, it is confronting us all with our evil judgments and our shame. Don’t liken this time to the end of time, but the beginning!  The most important realization you can come up with, is you are living in a world of emotional release.  The emotions are not always correct in action, so don’t let them rule the day.  When you see a new day as the present, you are beginning to expose modern problem solving as what it really is -from your inner self.

Calm Assertive Energy

Have you read Cesar’s Way or another of Cesar Millan’s TV shows about Dogs and Dog Training?  The most important credo he speaks about when working with dog owners and their problems, is to tell them to try to remain calm, and assertive.  The energy you give off, flows into problems with your life.  It is a realization that is simple, and one that can relate to modern problem solving skills.  When you are building a solution, the answer comes from within.  I know when I am in a situation, where there is much drama, a lot of ego present, or many hurt feelings, that we are just on the cusp of a great awareness breach.  The modern problem solving skills we all need, come from realizing that being calm and assertive, will build the right beautiful energy to plant flowers and not weeds.

With the growing population of the world, it will be important for us all to find a way to migrate towards new modern problem solutions to keep our people fed, warm, cool, and productive.  Everyone needs a way to evolve their creative vibe out into the world.  Without a creative attempt, even if it is unsuccessful, it is an attempt.  Judgement of these efforts only blocks our species from beauty and love.  Judgement and shame are the tools of the lost, so do not let your mind discuss this train of thought.  If you find yourself often repeating, “that is wrong” and then acting out your belief with foul emotion, you are exposing your shame.   Shame is the fear that you fester and hide, and, it the result of pain and agony in others.

In order to evolve more modern problem solving skills, you are going to have to tackle your own demons and issues before you can change the world.  The change does start within you.  Do not let shame or judgment rule your day.

Creative People Are Not Normal

When Steve Jobs came up with the saying, “Think Differently”, he was talking about the fact that creative people are not normal. This indeed should not create judgment in your awareness of creative and innovative persons, but a new understanding of their ability to be open and see solutions.  New studies are being completed each year that prove brains of creative people generate more activity in very similar parts of the brain, and often, they are exceeding neural and normal brain responses.  This means, in a normal brain society, creative minds and creative people struggle with what is acceptable, and how to fit within normal brain expectations. They excel at becoming the new frontier, and the next inventor.

Staying normal, often means, to get by with very safe and easy lifestyle choices, and endure a quiet and reasonable existence.  A normal brain understands social standards are important, and follows the rules to get by each and every day.  The brain of creative people refuses this antiquated stance, and these creatives are often labeled, antisocial, egocentric, or selfish.  The main issue with this general definition is that creative people are often judged to be left of center, and in effect, not a benefit to society.

Some Symptoms of Creative People

Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN,  diagnoses mental illness and cogitative brain disorders as often society risk takers.  The true diagnosis, without stigma, would showcase the creative people as not only creative geniuses but as the answers to our many pressing problems in science, math and in health.  See the list of symptoms below for the creative people we so often misdiagnose as antisocial personality disorder:


Antisocial personality disorder signs and symptoms may include:

  • Disregard for right and wrong
  • Persistent lying or deceit to exploit others
  • Using charm or wit to manipulate others for personal gain or for sheer personal pleasure
  • Intense egocentrism, sense of superiority and exhibitionism
  • Recurring difficulties with the law
  • Repeatedly violating the rights of others by the use of intimidation, dishonesty and misrepresentation
  • Child abuse or neglect
  • Hostility, significant irritability, agitation, impulsiveness, aggression or violence
  • Lack of empathy for others and lack of remorse about harming others
  • Unnecessary risk-taking or dangerous behaviors
  • Poor or abusive relationships
  • Irresponsible work behavior
  • Failure to learn from the negative consequences of behavior

Antisocial personality disorder symptoms may begin in childhood and are fully evident for most people during their 20s and 30s. In children, cruelty to animals, bullying behavior, impulsivity or explosions of anger, social isolation, and poor school performance may be, in some cases, early signs of the disorder.

Although considered a lifelong disorder, some symptoms — particularly destructive and criminal behavior and the use of alcohol or drugs — may decrease over time, but it’s not clear whether this decrease is a result of aging or an increased awareness of the consequences of antisocial behavior.”

In most new brain study work, the very ambiguous label to any anti-social behavior, could, in fact, be labeled creative people in action, with a clear lack of direction.  When you are judging a person by their actions, it is not advantageous to punish creative people.  Nor will positive gain come from inflicting a negative consequence of seemingly antisocial behavior.   In the creative brain, the lack of empathy or quiet selfish time spent alone is often a necessity.  Not all members of society are able to conform to one single standard.

Society Standards and Creative People sixties was a time of awakening for not only the united states but for humanity as a whole.  When you think of the social changes from the American Civil War, to the 1980’s, there was an upheaval of sorts during all eras, between so-called conservatism and liberalism.  People in society decided to allow less rule-following, and then slowly they convert to a strict process of policing the population with standards.  The recent history path has been a quick one, where this trend reverses and evolves between the two standards in a flip-flop fashion.  When social norms are safer for creative people, more innovation occurs.  And likewise, when new regulations and demands are placed upon the society, innovation suffers.  It isn’t for everyone; creative brains need open-minded understanding to prosper, or the actions that result can be destructive.

Take, for example, Jackson Pollock, the innovative freestyle painter from New York in the 1940s and 1950s.  We have had some time to reflect on the talent and artistry of Mr. Pollock, and with this, will come to some realizations.  He is lost to us through his painful depression, but with a little understanding of the creative brain, we can fully understand how he created the magnificent abstract work that he is famous for.  Every historical record of creative people shows a true indicator of mental anxiety and stress.   With force, society wills some of the creative people into a decisive path of destruction.  Alcohol, drugs and often obsessional behaviors can result in pain and poor decision making on the part of creative people. With careful guidance, they become innovative, empowering leaders, and decisive entrepreneurs.  It is true as well, that creative people possess not just decisions of might, but of kindness.  When they are treated with abject assurance, they can accomplish anything.  And, they may be capable of many solutions, to many different topics or problems.

Creative People All Possess Breadth

When thinking of which area of expertise to dedicate yourself towards, often it will come to one specific area of specialty.  But, with creative people, the sky is the limit.  They often are people who have a broad amount of interest, in many areas.  They are often part of a family of creative people.  Creative people do not often fit into their era or seem to be on the edge of a new vision.  They are persistent.  They often will hear many negative comments about their focus or lack thereof.  They will endeavor to pursue areas that most do not feel are worthy of their time.  Creative people have stamina to the point of appearing crazy.

In Princeton, the brilliant but often misunderstood John Nash was uncertain if he should believe that his numbers were correct, and made a leap of faith and believed them.  This one persistent and unquestionable step, gave him the ability to win the appeal of his colleagues, once he stayed the course, and was bestowed the noble prize for economic fundamental knowledge.  He became at the beginning, a labeled crazy person, who followed ghosts or imaginary people.  John never lets them persuade him that his numbers were incorrect, which they tried to do.  When he compelled them to let him work through the process, he began his creative edge with persistence and resolution.  He never let up.  And, when he saw Aliens in his living room, he believed they were there.  His creative brain ensured he left no stone unturned, and he worked through the process with consistency and great assured strength.

When other creative people asked him how he finalized the economic brilliance of his doctorate, he simply stated the numbers came to him.  And when the same creative people asked about his ghosts and his aliens, he said, I simply didn’t know the difference between them and the numbers. When you have creative people innovating, they do not take chances on missing out on the greatest ideas possible.


What’s The Story?

If you are building a business or a very innovative product, be sure to ask your customers, employees, friends and colleagues, “What’s the Story?”.  Any question with an open amount of time to listen to the response is better than a short uncaring statement that leaves your reader, listener, or attendance of followers with no way to respond.  Your customer who comes in to buy your product or service at your store, would most likely love to respond to “What’s the Story?” and give you a great amount of information to assist you with your efforts to help and assist them. Think of it this way, if you are offering a great service to the community, simply saying “hello” to your public is just a statement; but offering a chance to let your customer speak forward is more exceptional and powerful in the long run.

What’s the Story Will Allow for News

What if your customer had a new innovative way to wrap gifts, and they just discovered that fact; and, you needed this exact kind of service to your offering of caring support for your purchasing customers?  You have solved a problem, and done it in a way that your current customer base already is passionate and finds truly effective.  This was a solution that really just walked in the door, and with the power of “What’s the Story?”  you have allowed your customer to share a feeling and an opinion of value to them.  With a simple step of offering your time and letting the story become your attentive action, you have allowed your customer the best way to inform you of their needs and wants.

What’s the Story Behind the Fortune Cookie

Who cares about a dessert, that is really not that tasty, and often is stale, and is manufactured in bulk for pennies?  Everyone!  The secret is not in the cookie, only our dogs really like them, but in the fortune.  And, when a group of friends get together and share their fortunes with everyone together, that offers a real value to the restaurant that shares this simple gift to each customer.  They have a story to share!  What’s the story behind a simple crafted stale cookie?  A genius who understood that people’s value comes not just from tangible items, but from feelings and from understanding that everyone has their own truth that is specific to them and them alone.

What’s the Story will Leave you Stunned

If your business is faltering, you may have a moment to either fold up your efforts, or make that last ditch effort to push through and find time to answer, “What’s your Story?” yourself.  When you do, you might have to explain to yourself and your employees why you have been so busy making mistakes.  Be ruthless on yourself, but don’t let that realization be too hard that you can’t act and improve.  Judgement has no place in business, and should never be your first mental mindset.  Push through, and keep going until you can envision a better world for your business, and your customers.

With all the feedback on a personal level, you should be able to support your market and your customer needs better than anyone else.  What’s the Story?


Happy Marriage Begins with One Partner

Today I woke up with snow on the ground, which should have been enough news for us in Minnesota, but on top of that, the radio reported a new study on what makes for a happy marriage.  It really is just a verification that being happy in yourself, will create happiness everywhere you go, with whomever you meet.  Happy marriage is a tricky thing to achieve, because we are often led to believe as children, that our lives are supposed to be one way, and in fact, you have no control over how events often play out within your life.  Control is a piece of ego that often can become a problem in a marriage, and it can keep a couple from becoming the best team they are meant to be.  Relinquishing control, and staying happy within yourself, you as a being, is a way to always find peace and love.  With my radio study being broadcast this morning, I realized that this is an important part to a happy marriage, and finding love can sometimes be very easy, but letting go is the trick to always keeping love.

Respect and Honor Keeps a Happy Marriage

The study that is being spoken about, indicates that it is very important that the wife in the marriage, be the kindest and most forgiving person, for the marriage to succeed.  This is not a shock, as often the emotional level of the gentler partner is one of kindness and respect.  A happy marriage is one where the two parties are free to fight & disagree, but then find forgiveness quickly, because they hold respect and honor for the bond to each other.  It is not about control, or being right, or placing blame.  It is all about fulfilling a happy marriage with forgiveness and happiness within one’s self.

Wives Create the Happy Marriage Atmosphere

lying down happy coupleWhen I heard the radio report that wives or women are happy, the result is a happy marriage, it was kind of like, well, duh!  But this doesn’t mean that we are building on the belief that women are always right. Quite the opposite!  What this action means, is that women are truly fine with forgiveness and compassion, and seeing a way to find a supportive and connection with those they love.  The study went on to say, when the wife is the partner who is the more agreeable partner, a happy marriage is produced.  It begs the question, does a submissive person lose ground when finding compassion and forgiveness?  I would have to say, that whenever you are looking to improve communication between people, it will be in everyone’s best interest. And,  losing an argument is not a value to any one self in a relationship, but it is a value of higher power for the bond of the partnership.  For this reason, if you hold a grudge, continue to believe your partner is lower than you, and disrespect the other person, you are not fulfilling steps to a happy marriage.

Happy Marriage is Not the Goal

When you are in a partnership, the fact is you are a team.  Being able to respect your partner or your partner’s wishes is key to the happy marriage being able to grow.  The fact is, this does not always happen.  It takes time, to root out problems, and allow the other person to have a respected request fulfilled.  It works from both partners, and when the marriage is happy, it is because both parties have discovered that being able to communicate without rancor holds true.  Communication is a peaceful result.  Being able to complete your anger and fear in the relationship, and know that the hard times will come and go, is key to maintaining a marriage.  Happy marriage will eventually result, but not every day must be happy.  Let your marriage flower through the hard times, and embrace them.  If you can be respectful and communicate with each other, and know you are committed to finding the solution; you can find the key to a happy marriage.

Any partner can be the Happy Marriage Beginner

With the advent of gay marriage, it is important to note, that in marriage, whether between a man and a woman, or between members of the same sex, it only takes one person in the union to be the best communicator.  This could be the husband, it could be the wife.  It could be a flexible situation between the two partners, where they share the responsibility.  Do not hesitate to share this gift with each other.  Sometimes, you are not as strong as your partner is, and during this time, your partner is counting on you to help.  Your happy marriage is waiting.


Awareness Comes From the Little Things

Why are the little things the thoughts that keep us up at night, and cause us often to be very happy or ultimately very sad?  The little things in life like fresh water, healthy food, good times with friends and family are very important.  When we begin to become aware and observe our surroundings for what they really are, do these little things become even more apparent.  The reason we are often missing the solutions to being in a happy life, is we are caught up in the bigger picture, and not a moment in time.

Lose yourself to the Little Things a great way to always be happy by seeing and observing for a day.  The little things that make you happy, are often not even things, but moments in time; a smile, a kind word, a brief happy recollection of a time in the past.  With your love and life, aren’t the little things often the most swift of moments in time?  But really, they aren’t even things or even moments in time, they simply exist.  Being in the moment, not thinking about the past, is often the best way to appreciate the little things in life.  The little things are often the moment you are reading this article, and the moment of now.  With no problems in now, you are willing to accept the present, and open it like the gift that it is.  Never having to regret, no worries about the future, and no problems to take you away from the beauty of now.  Even when things are very bad, and the reality of life today becomes pressing and heavy, the now can always take you forward.  Do yourself a favor and enjoy the little things.

Little Things can Be Simple

Even when we are not able to be happy, are suffering within grief of losing a loved one, or being forced to think of an unpreventable future, we can live in the moment.  The exercises we use to find this moment, is sometimes very common, and something we all can share.  One is air.  The other is feeling your hands or your feet and focusing on this feeling.  Another is clean water.  Sometimes, just taking a moment to live within the glass of clean water, can bring your mind to a crawl.  After all, the ever thinking mind, is not you, not your soul, or your connection to the universe.  This small event, enjoying a moment with clean water, is a gift. It is a moment in time that is now.  You can use this every day, as we all have to take in air to live, and we all have little things like a glass of water that we have to find each and every day.

Watch a small Child Enjoy The Little Things

The little things are easy joy for those at the beginning of life and near the end.  When we see a little child grasp the glass of water, they are opening their eyes to see the water, and they open their mouth to accept the gift of nourishment, and sometimes the gulp of water is too much for them, and they cough and sputter.  They don’t think about their next moves, or their day up until then.  They are only in the moment of the present, and the little things in life.  They have no other obligations, they do not see any reason to worry about the future, they are simply moving the water into their body.  Same goes for any new thing that they have to learn, or create as they grow.  The very fact that joy comes from tying their shoe, is a little thing that you can do each and every day.  Next to clean water, enjoy your clean glass, and the room you are in.  Breathe the beauty of the moment, and find your peaceful soul.  Let the mediation take you to who you are, and you will be called forward to find the right positive gains, time and time again.

The Little Things Bring Success In Life

Silly as it seems, recognizing and enjoying the little things is something that we all can relate to, even when we are not present or aware.  For this reason, if you are hoping to connect with someone important, who can guide you into a better life for your future, it is a good idea to keep them in the present, and remain focused on the little things that interest them.  Most people, no matter how unaware they can be, or are, understand what little things in life are happy for them. The trick is, you need to discover with them what that little thing is-a smile is a good place to start.  A sweet box of chocolates sometimes fits this description, but most people even understand a true moment of time when someone is really attentive and listen to them, or a sweet smell that they share with someone else, or even a discussion about food or drink.  Communication begins with the little things, and they can form a bond stronger than the project or goals you share.


Spirituality in Life Comes From Your Brain and Understanding Love

Your Brain is Aware by Spirituality

Your brain is a human dimension in and of itself, nothing else is so sci-fy!  The brain is a collection of neurons, and includes your nervous system throughout your body, and the spinal cord as well.  The most amazing part to your brain, is that it can think about itself, and is aware of its own creation. Thinking about the human brain, is parsed out amongst the frontal lobe, the parietal lobe, and the amygdala.  The neuroscience of your brain, however scientific we get, does not fully encompass the beauty of the human spirit, and part of your spirituality does come from your brain.

Your Brain is Separation of Facts and Emotion


Your brain is made of the left and the right hemisphere, which is described in beautiful detail by Jill Bolte Taylor.  Her experience with a brain injury, is the key to understanding why your physical brain, actually needs your understanding as a person of spirit and connection to the world.  As a creature of biology, our brain is simply amazing.  It is small enough to allow our species to be born into life, but is large enough to stay economical throughout our life.  With increased awareness, we have become the dominant species on our planet.

As we become more populated, and our energy resources become less available, it is important that we understand how our brains function, to improve our situation on this planet.  With increased awareness, your brain can help you see how connected you are with the rest of the world. But what does this mean to us as spiritual beings?  The reason it is important to understand your physical and biological self, is it can help you with your spiritual path as well.

Your Brain as Left Brain

Understanding that your left brain, is your brain of logic, and science, it will make sense to start here.  Understand this is where you speak, where you hear sounds in a verbal way, and your left brain is your communication hub.  It is where you take a math problem, and analyze it to completion.  It is where your tax adviser works best.   Our finance and regulatory experts are left brain heavy, and your brain may be the left brain focused being.

This is all and good when you are looking at data, and analyzing market competition, or designing a report for future growth within your company or business.  The problem comes up, when you are faced with expansion of that business, and you have to fit right brain people into this equation.  It makes life a more difficult process, but well worth the effort.

Your left brain will problem solve how to keep your body warm in winter, keep your children fed, and keep you working at work.  It will get you places on time, decide what kind of clothing to wear to match the weather, and analyze what is healthy to eat.  If you need to lose weight, rely on your left brain to pull into your body, good choices.  As well, exercise and new language will come from your left brain, and your brain cannot learn without a left brain analysis to explain why it is important.

Survival of our environment needs your brain to work best in the left hemisphere, or you could not make good choices to keep living.  It is the memory of poisons, toxins and what is going to hurt if you move in a certain way.  It allows us all to communicate these needs to each other, and to continue to improve our species as humans.

Your Brain as a Right Brain Powerhouse

Keeping your focus on your creativity and your artistic side, will help you draw, create music, and become aware of colors and patterns in your world around you.  You will feel connected to the different dimensions of time, space and the continuum of spirit that surrounds us all.  Loosely coined as spirituality, the connection we experience with the entire space of humanity, and all cognitive creatures, comes from our right brain.  It will find your happiness, your uncertainty and your love.

Right brain thinking lets us feel, and gives us great emotions.  We do not hold memories of facts or history in our right brain. It is of the moment, or of the right now.  It allows us to become aware, to be of sorts.  We are human with our right brain in action.  Your brain needs the right brain to be and feel love for others.  It is our compassion, or our connection to others.  It allows us to be moral and just creatures.

Spirituality comes from the right brain, and when we move the love of spirit into the left brain, we lose the real reasons we are on this planet.  You cannot quantify or understand love or our connection to others.  When you try to do this, others will be wary of you, so loosen up, and let yourself be in the moment.  It is like the cat, who only remembers a few survival skills, but lives in a constant state of next activity is now!  They do not have too much long term memory, but they live in short term memory folds, each and every day.  It is a way to exist with loose skills of long term memories, and a way to improve risk skills without fear.

Imagine yourself without fear, and constant trepidation-that is your brain with right brain use.   You can connect with pictures and visual analysis, but your verbal communication is useless.  You have things to say, but you say them with pictures not words.  The key to finding your spirit, is to move forward with love, and do not fear it, or plan for it.  It is not a logical path, and should not be analyzed.  With great spiritual awareness, you can find silence very helpful, and your brain will thank you for the newness of time.